Weeks 4 & 5: In the classroom and beyond


I had to start my blog post by highlighting my newly discovered skill!

Here I am reaching the 5th week and the midpoint in this exchange program in this beautiful country. These past two weeks have included a lot of new experiences, a great trip and cool classes.

An exchange program at IPADE is a great blend of everything one would want to get out of such an experience. The program hasn’t been as demanding as I expected and I changed my schedule somewhat which has given me some extra room to travel and do activities in the city.

The elective courses offered cover a variety of interesting topics. I really enjoyed two sessions on design thinking that I took this week as part of the business policy class. I believe it is a great skill to have and the two sessions provided a great introduction to guide us in our personal research to develop that skill.

As I might have shared in previous blog posts, the school assigns each student to a specific study group. In my case, my study group turned into a close group of friends that I enjoy spending time with beyond the classroom. Each team is also assigned a mentor to support the team members when needed. We met with out mentor this month over a breakfast on campus where I got to try a very tasty Mexican dish called Tamale!


Breakfast with the team mentor


Night out with the team

One of my favorite cultural activities so far was my visit to the Frida Kahlo Museum. I believe watching the movie in-country and in Spanish (with English subtitles of course!) allowed me to enjoy and truly appreciate the tour of her house museum. It gave me a true insight into one of the most important personalities in Mexican history. She can also be be found on the $500 MXN pesos bill.


Marc Rivera at the Frida Kahlo Museum

This past weekend, I had the chance to travel to Puerto Escondido with a group of my classmates. We spent an amazing weekend in this beautiful surfer beach town. We took surfing lessons in the morning, spent afternoons playing beach volleyball, and enjoyed watching the gorgeous sunset while sipping on margaritas. We enjoyed three great days of sun, sea, sports, and friendship.


Exchange students go surfing


Afternoon volleyball sessions


Beautiful sunset in Puerto Escondido

I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks that include a week of condensed Sales Force Management class followed by a week of vacation that I will be spending on the beach in Tulum and Playa del Carmen!!

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