International Week and Last Week of School

I am sad to be reaching almost the end of my experience here in this beautiful country.

The past 2 weeks have included the international week at IPADE and my final week of school.

International week is one of the biggest events at IPADE during which it hosts students from many schools from around the world including China, Vietnam, Japan, USA.

IPADE’s schedule for the week included activities such as conferences with successful professionals in Mexico, company visits, team work sessions and meals. The schedule was pretty intense with the activities starting at 8am and ending at 7PM. Other than being a great way to discover more of the Mexican culture and business environment, this week provides a great opportunity for networking with very interesting people from all over the world.


My friends Anna (Norway) and Matthias (Germany) and I had dinner with our new Chinese friends

All participants were divided into very diverse teams that generally include 5 Mexican IPADE students from both the Monterrey and the Mexico City campuses, 1 long term exchange student (such as myself) and 2 short term exchange students (participating in the international week only). A great learning outcome was to work in such a short period of time with a new team with so many different backgrounds and deliver a presentation on the 5th day.


My Team for International Week! Team 27!

I got the opportunity to share the international week experience with some friends from GWU that spent the week in Mexico City. I am sure they had a fantastic time here!


The Full GWU Crew


Dinner with the GWU some of the crew before the start of the week


GWU Crew Mexican Style!

The G&EE office along with the GWU office of Alumni Relations, arranged a gathering with the GWU alumni living in Mexico City. Mexican people are generally very warm and friendly people and combined with being alums of the same school led to a great night of fun and networking.


GWU Alums in Mexico City


International Week Certification

The following week was my last week at IPADE.

I spent as much time as I could with my team and my friends before we each go our separate ways.


The Best Team and My First Piñata!


Team Trip to Acapulco


Team Final Dinner and the Waiter Photobombed it

I am really sad to see that my experience at IPADE and in Mexico is coming to an end soon. Saying goodbye to the amazing people I have met during my time here is one of the hardest things to do. But I am positive that the friendships I have built here with these amazing people are lifelong friendships and our roads will cross again!

In the coming two weeks I will be traveling to Cuba and then spending my last week discovering the rest of this city and trying to absorb as much more as I can.

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