Coming Back

It’s been almost 10 days since my adventure in Mexico has come to an end and I have been back in DC.

My last night in Mexico was also the last night of 2 of my German friends and so we planned a big dinner with all our friends from IPADE.


Last Night in Mexico

I spent a great night with my friends discussing my amazing experience in their beautiful country and remembering all the great moments we shared.


My Good Friends and Teammates

It was really hard to part ways at the end of the night, after all these are great people with whom I have shared fantastic moments. These friends I made during my experience in Mexico have changed me and helped me become a better person. These are friends that I will keep for life and I truly hope I was able to impact their lives as much as they have impacted mine.

I was sad to see my amazing experience abroad come to an end, but I was also excited to come back to DC and spend the last month or so with my old classmates before part ways after gradation.

My return to DC after 3.5 months of absence was a lot smoother than I thought it would be. My great friends planned a happy hour gathering where I got the opportunity to catch up with many of them and share stories of my experience abroad.


Coming Home Happy Hour

I spent the past week seeing my friends here and catching up on everything that went on during my absence and the changes in their lives.

I planned my return to DC just before BGB (Business Gives Back) gala as I know that such a night would be the best opportunity to see all my old classmates.


Business Gives Back Gala

On an academic level I am basically done with all classes and I am taking this time back in DC to focus on recruiting and networking. Thanks to IPADE’s trimester program structure I was able to finish all my required credits in March in Mexico while my classmates in DC are still attending classes for the last mod (sorry guys!).

During my conversations with all my classmates in DC I sensed a common feeling or thought where the ones that did not go on a study abroad have had a fairly stable 2nd year experience. That truly made me feel that my exchange program was the right move to make and at the right time in order to keep the excitement level high and keep the steep learning curve of an MBA program.

My experience abroad will forever remain as one of the highlights of my life!

Mexico is a great place to do an exchange program, IPADE is a great school, and spring of 2nd year is definably the best time to do that!


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